Gymnasium Equipment

Athletic facilities are often the premier gathering space for a school or community.  They promote pride, spirit, an image, and a lot of emotion in the heart of any community. The gymnasium is a space not only for students and athletes, it is also for the patrons. Proper flooring and equipment is needed for the enhancement of performance of the students and athletes. it is also important for the safety of the patrons, athletes and employees.

Divider curtain

Our Center Roll curtain is an exclusive patented design system that has become the most effective and popular on the market today. The integrated drive system positioned at the center line retracts the divided panels simultaneously thus eliminating the high stress areas associated with cable lifts. Even more significant, this unique retractable system has an extremely fast lifting speed. The typical 28 ft high Center Roll will retract in 60 seconds. Due to the great success and track record of this divider system there are some knock-off versions which do not compare to the quality and lift speeds our Center Roll delivers.

Telescopic Bleachers

All bleacher components are fabricated in Canada where they are stringently tested and inspected to ensure a safe, top quality seating system. The seating is richly textured and available in 12 standard colors. The sculpt-formed seat is anatomically contoured to give a genuinely comfortable bleacher seat. The surface of the seat is a scuff resistant texture and the color is molded in so that it cannot wear off. The wide color selection can give any room an aesthetically pleasing look. We can also supply a contrasting color for inlay lettering so that the client can include school or club names. We also offer Southern Yellow Pine for the clients that prefer wood bench style seats. These seat boards have been finished in such a way that they are scuff resistant for high traffic areas.

Suspended Basketball Systems

Ceiling suspended backstops offer facility planners and designers a great range of options for basketball net placement.  These systems are custom in nature, allowing for a versatile option for those with unique building truss designs. Suspended systems are available in a number of mounting configurations.

Wall Mounted Basketball Systems

A popular option in smaller facilities such as elementary schools and community centres arestationary wall mounted basketball backstops. These systems accommodates the budget-conscious buyer. Side-folding wall mounted system allows facilities to easily stow basketball systems when not in use.

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