Flooring Systems

Athletic flooring is hard to miss when you enter a gymnasium or other athletic facility and even more visible when you sit in the bleacher stands. The floors are not just plywood and maple attached to a concrete subfloor. Athletic flooring is technical and continuously evolves to meet the demands of today’s athletes and athletic programs.  Floors are designed into systems for specific functions or sport events.  They are available in many materials and systems depending on your usage.

Wood gym floors are the most common for their basketball performance characteristics.  A well-designed floor and sub system will provide the highest combination of shock absorption for the athlete’s joints, foot slide characteristics and highest ball bounce for fast play.

Poured urethane athletic flooring is a fast-growing technology replacing many wood gym floors today.  It is most common in multi purpose gyms and athletic centers, field houses and elementary schools. It has the advantage of performance characteristics similar to wood floors plus the ability to be used for many sporting and non-sporting events. We have athletic flooring for every need – High performance, multi sport purpose, safety, shock absorption, ball bounce, durability, foot slide characteristics, aesthetics, impact resistance and more.  Some clients want their athletic floor priorities to be safety and anti fatigue properties. Other clients look for the fastest, highest performing playing surface for their competition floor.

Seamless rubber floor

Seamless or poured floors, consist of a cushioned, shock-absorbent underlayment in combination with a strong, flexible polyurethane top layer with an abrasion resistant top coating. Seamless floors are designed as a multi-purpose sports surface with point elastic properties. The thicker the underlayment, the higher the shock absorption will be. This is the toughest multi-use flooring on the market with shock absorption characteristics.

Hardwood Flooring

Todays athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger. They require a playing surface that is resilient, built tough, and long lasting. Facility managers require a court floor that is versatile and  playable for many different types of sports and activities. A maple court flooring system by GAMEDAY is the solution. You can count on its versatility, resiliency, long lasting beauty, and easy-low cost maintenance year after year. And because it is a GAMEDAY floor you will be guaranteed exceptional quality. GAMEDAY SPORT SERVICES only uses the best maple flooring available. You can be confident that it will stand up to the roughest games, the toughest abuse, and the most wear. Our maple flooring systems are designed to take the knocks of basketball, volleyball, badminton, racquetball, aerobics, squash and many more high-performance games. Your teams, as well as your maintenance crew, will appreciate the remarkable resiliency of our maple flooring. It’s easy on the athletes, affords better footing with fewer leg and ankle injuries. The construction and natural “give” of our maple floor will provide a resilient, “live action” underfoot that cannot be matched. Your maintenance crew will save time and you will save money on daily / monthly / yearly care because a natural maple floor is easy to clean and maintain its appearance. The very nature of maple is a hard, dense, fine-fibered wood that is non-splintering, long wearing and resilient. The closeness of grain and smoothness of surface affords no lodging place for germ-laden dirt to hide. It is a particularly clean and sanitary floor that will maintain its beauty for years.
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